A platform built to accommodate team business operations—based on team experience.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

After major marketing partnerships are in place and the season begins—in any given season for any given sport—an estimated 25% of team-controlled advertising inventory is still available as teams focus on execution and renewing expiring partnership agreements.

Until now, maximizing the value of that unsold inventory and allowing businesses to benefit from it has been a missed opportunity. Gameday Gateway’s innovative platform enables teams and businesses to transact business online, creating unprecedented efficiency and value for all.


Gameday Gateway offers advertisers a cross-platform local, regional, national and global investment opportunity through a variety of advertising inventory: digital and social media, mobile and in-stadium/arena content, text alerts and traditional in-arena exposure, plus unique custom marketing assets.

It gives advertisers the opportunity to expose their products, services, messaging and brand to a passionate, loyal, educated and affluent fan base that is captive in a high-energy and positive environment.


  • Total control of the sales process, from posting to pricing

  • Block exclusive categories from showing to competitors

  • “Click-ins” are the new “call-ins”—additive to the process

  • Incremental revenue through online sales of available advertising inventory

  • Bundling capabilities and ability to set minimum spend thresholds

  • Execute with ease—set-up to accommodate unique nuances of your advertising inventory, pricing, packaging and overall process


  • Create your account

  • Contract to post, promote, partner and proof

  • Schedule onboarding session with Gameday Gateway

  • Start selling inventory online

New LED technology has created incremental advertising inventory in venues, digitally, and on social media.

Take advantage of a new online distribution channel to offer assets for sale. Gameday Gateway provides widespread availability of team advertising inventory for media buys in multi-markets with multi-teams through “click-ins,” the new “call-in.”

Teams focus on new major corporate partnerships and retention, while Gameday Gateway facilitates incremental online transactional sales to local, regional, national and global businesses.

Select the assets your team has available—pre-loaded for your convenience—then price, customize descriptions, upload photos and post online for sale.

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