It’s a whole new ball game.

Gameday Gateway is the first sports advertising online marketplace, creating the opportunity for on-demand advertising buys from multiple teams in multiple markets.

An estimated 75% of team-controlled advertising inventory is sold by teams annually. Advertising inventory includes LED signs in and outside of arenas and venues, social media communications, website exposure, and traditional radio, TV and print.

Gameday Gateway provides a way for teams and advertisers to transact business online, creating widespread access to available team advertising for local to global brands.

Gameday Gateway is additive, efficient, team-centric and brand-friendly.


  • The existing process provides very limited access to buy team advertising inventory

  • Technology has been implemented for tickets sales, but for team advertising, the process has remained largely unchanged

  • It is time-consuming and often unwieldy for marketers to make multi-market advertising buys from multiple teams

  • There is a surplus of advertising inventory due to the massive increase in team-produced digital content and the conversion of static signs to digital video boards


Gameday Gateway is an online platform for advertisers to shop and buy team-controlled advertising assets, on-demand, in an online, gated and credentialed community.

Brands of all sizes now have the capability to place multi-team, multi-sport and multi-market advertising buys with a few clicks.

Gameday Gateway connects advertisers to teams, creating opportunities for on-demand flighted advertising buying.

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