Get in the game!

“It’s 2019. People just want to buy things online.”
- Elon Musk

Gameday Gateway provides brands with a direct pipeline to team and venue-controlled advertising inventory. Approximately 95% of US businesses generate less than $10,000,000 in annual revenue. Most have a marketing budget and would consider investing in sports marketing but haven’t had an opportunity and teams don’t have the resources to find them.

Gameday Gateway allows unprecedented access, flexibility, and simplicity.

Major brands dominate the sponsorship landscape, creating a sense that the price of team marketing partnerships is out of reach for small or seasonal advertisers. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Gameday Gateway provides visibility and access to all businesses, delivering teams with the ability to bring in new customers throughout the season to utilize available inventory. Small and seasonal advertisers will benefit by having access to buy shorter flights at lower overall investment thresholds, on-demand, with shorter lead times.

From signage and promotions to print and digital, the possibilities are endless.


Gameday Gateway offers advertisers a natural cross-platform advertising opportunity through a variety of team/venue-controlled inventory: digital and social media, mobile and in-stadium/arena content, text alerts and all traditional in-arena exposure, plus unique custom marketing assets.

Advertisers can now reach a passionate, loyal, educated, and affluent fan base with a few clicks.


  • Access team marketing inventory across sports and cities

  • Buy online from multiple teams, in multiple sports, in multiple markets

  • Capitalize on timely promotional and seasonal opportunities

  • Make complicated multi-team buys with speed and simplicity

  • Buy directly from teams—anywhere, anytime


  • Create your account

  • Search for available advertising in target markets

  • Preview: Upload your advertising content and view it in the selected assets

  • Purchase: Place the buy, receive confirmation, and post run proof of performance

No Offseason

There is no offseason.


Search results will display team or venue advertising assets based on your criteria.


After selecting one or more markets, leagues, teams or assets you wish to purchase, upload your logo, creative or copy, view it, and proceed to checkout.

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